Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 2

Just a short post to update.

Last week I lost 4 lbs. Current weight 242
Last week DH gained one pound -current weight 203

I cheated twice and had a sprite from Sonic- boo. But Saturday we went grocery shopping and as of 12 am today we are officially on Atkins. I totally am craving carbs, but I know it will get harder. I also am feeling quite sad, but in actuality that is from not taking my zoloft for the past 5 days. Oopps.

The tots still have runny noses, but have thankfully been sleeping ok. I don't think I can live without carbs and sleep. Just one or the other. I have a quilt to finish making (My first big sale on Etsy)  but hope to update more later this week.

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