Monday, October 3, 2011

Phase 1

Chubby Dad and I lead a fairly unhealthy lifestyle. We drink sodas (although in our neck of the woods anything carbonated is referred to as "coke"), we eat fastfood, we keep candy and ice cream in the house, and we rarely exercise. Horrible, horrible, horrible right? Not completely.

Not Completely???!! You say as you picture our poor twins with parents who won't be able to roll off of the couch by the time they are five. So let me explain. When people decide to loose weight they have to change things in their lifestyle. Some people have a few things to change, some things have a lot, and some people have none. The fewer things you have to change, the slower your weight loss is going to be. For instance, my mom, who is not much smaller than me, has decided to lose weight. However, she exercises regularly and eats mostly healthy foods. She doesn't drink soda and rarely eats fast food.  I know that weight loss is a struggle for her, when we've dieted before I usually loose more weight at a faster pace than she does.

So now that I've explained our starting point, I will share the very first phase of our diet.

This week, no sodas.

That's it. It will be difficult, but it is the first attack in a much greater battle. Wish us luck.

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